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Siam Digital Lending, the digital lender for Thailand.

Lending in Thailand is broken. We asked 12 Thais to apply for an online loan from the 12 leading banking institutions. 10 received no reply, 1 got a call-back, and 1 was rejected. Thais deserve better, and we’ve created that future today.

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Every month millions of Thai customers visit our award-winning financial comparison website looking for personal loans. We are committed to using technology to speed up the lending process, improve credit scoring, and make sure people have access to credit at fair terms.

Siam Digital Lending
Siam Digital Lending

SE Asia’s Biggest Opportunity

Thailand is among the most attractive markets for digital lending.


Lowest poverty rate in SE Asia


Lowest unemployment rate in SE Asia


Highest daily mobile phone usage on earth


Largest middle class in SE Asia


Fastest personal loan in Thailand

Don’t take our word for it. A third party found that customers received an approval decision in 15 minutes on SiamDL, compared to an average time of 10+ days from other leading banks

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We use artificial intelligence to deliver the fastest lending times in Thailand and more

Introducing SDL-AI. The AI-powered lending stack disrupting the Thai market.

SDL-AI is about optimizing the entire business process to ensure better lending outcomes. That means AI powered credit scoring, document processing in milliseconds where other banks rely on rooms of humans, and other optimizations.

Siam Digital Lending
Siam Digital Lending

Thailand’s lending system is poised for a dramatic transformation from offline to online. We are here to serve the people of Thailand in making that change a reality.

Maxwell Meyer

CEO and Co-Founder of SiamDL



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Harvard grad and Maxwell Meyer finds a niche in Thailand as a fintech entrepreneur.

Siam Digital Lending

Join us in bringing Thailand’s $20 billion personal lending industry online

We are an internationally diverse team of professionals, who are committed to transforming Thailand’s massive personal lending industry.